• 2 Cadillac
  • 3 Just A Dream
  • 4 Fine Without You
  • 5 I'm Addicted
  • 6 Static
  • 7 You Won't Lead Me On
  • 8 Baby In Your Arms
  • 9 Remember Me
  • 10 Blackout
  • 11 Diana
  • 12 Send Me A Postcard
  • '/>

    Amy Gore Store!

    Get Gore! N Records N More! Love from Detroit City.

    Amy Gore

    In Love LP


    <p>The debut album from Amy Gore &amp; Her Valentines on limited edition, colored wax! Includes a MP3 download of the album!</p><ul>Tracklist: <li>1 Drivin' Around</li><li>2 Cadillac</li><li>3 Just A Dream</li><li>4 Fine Without You</li><li>5 I'm Addicted</li><li>6 Static</li><li>7 You Won't Lead Me On</li><li>8 Baby In Your Arms</li><li>9 Remember Me</li><li>10 Blackout</li><li>11 Diana</li><li>12 Send Me A Postcard</li></ul>

    This offer contains:

    -In Love LP

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